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December Bridal Marathon


December Bridal Marathon

I'm not only short and cute but also extremely spoiled by my friends!!. On December I came up with the idea of doing a Bridal Makeup Marathon, I had no idea how to start it, I posted a request for a team on and it worked like a charm.

I mentioned the idea of my photographer friend enabler supreme Jenny Rae, which was all over the idea of using a studio to make this happen, enabler #2, the sweetest man alive, Ken Villeneuve was behind this as well, thank God, I couldn't have asked for a better foundation. We shoot at Ken's studio near Olympic Village.

My best friend Sonia decided to join my as my South Asian bride. A new face I've never worked with before decided to be part of the team, Umeko Laird, also Wendy Du and Carla Ruiz as a second South Asian bride.  I tested my organization skills by setting up calling times for each model, breaks etc.  As an experienced model, the wonderful Carla stayed throughout the shoot to support and help the other models.

It was for sure a long and tiring day, but also very very rewarding =)

- C -

Umeko Laird

Carla Ruiz from Carla Ruiz - Official AKA Lucha 

Wendy Du 

Sonia McDonald <3