As a mother of 2 children with Autism, I thought it would be a great idea being a part of such an amazing event, honestly I've never heard of AWAF or Naturally Autistic before. So when I saw an opening to be a part of this I jumped immediately, the Key makeup artist made me one of the Team Leaders so the pressure was definitely on.

I discovered, ANCA is not a charity and they don't treat their autistic community as handicaps or disabled people, but instead people with special abilities, that are able to shine even in the darkest places, this even had such an impact in my life, I never saw my children the same way I did in the past. 

I saw artists, performers, dancers, singers, comedians and a new form of family through the head/director of this organization, the multi talented philanthropist Leonora Gergory-Collura, I was introduced to her wonderful husband Charlie and handsome son Anthony.

We did makeup for the performers, Emcees, Directors, Red Carpet hosts, this was also the moment I  met the wonderful Janet Walmsley and her beautiful daughter Jenny Story, funniest girls alive, they were the highlight of my day. 

The event was a success, I even got to receive flowers for the award ceremony =D same evening they had the closing ceremony dinner at the Best Western Chateau and we enjoyed a wonderful evening, I can't wait for next year !

- C -