So good ! that summarizes my feelings towards this year's ANCA WAF, so many new faces and talents part of the Autistic family.

Everything you need to know about ANCA can be found at <3

This year, as previous years, the makeup Team was amazing ! all the talented girls from Blanche Macdonald got the opportunity to spend time with the autistic community, children and adults, the interaction was something they craved, for some of them, their first time, proving once again autistic people are amazing !, as some of you know, autism people have a very special sense of humor, you can ask our friend Curran Dobbs which is a comedian in the spectrum, he is not only an Ambassador for ANCA but a staple in the makeup room, his quirky sketches were memorable while the girls were trying to work, I'm sure they have no complaints !.

Bryson, Cinthia, Curran and Phoebe

Bryson, Cinthia, Curran and Phoebe

The wonderful team  was organized by Cinthia Torres Makeup Artistry with the help of the Makeup Artists from Blanche Macdonald, a huge thank you to:

Li Zhou
Kristina Strong
Mineva Hsie
Hanna Osborne
Rebecca Harris
Alexandria Phillips
Hannah Dang
Dianne Lector
Amanda Temple
Brittany Wilson
Elsa Hsu
Gaby Dugre
Linda Choi
Sarah Gates

Only part of the makeup artists during ANCA WAF (Day 3)


My all time favorite was there as well. The first day I arrived I was so looking forward to see him, my sweet friend and singer Josh Cochrane, but this year was special, I got to spend more time with his mom and 2 sisters, if you have never heard of him, well my friend.... you're missing a lot ! 

Cinthia kiss attacking Josh &lt;3&nbsp;

Cinthia kiss attacking Josh <3 

But Josh wasn't the only one singing ! we were blessed to have Vell Retiza Baria who happens to be a wonderful autistic singer in her country Philippines. She was a recipient of an award this year, very well deserved Vell ! Congratulations.

I also got to spend a wonderful time with a very beautiful woman and artist, the multi talented Phoebe Murer "She has a Certificate of Fine Arts from P.A.F.A. (2003), and a B.A. in Psychology and pre-Art Therapy from Arcadia University (2007). She studied art at Fleischer and Moore College of Art and Design. She has worked in recent years as Art Director for the Extended School Year Program at the Timothy School, an elementary school for autistic children in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania." Now tell me this doesn't impresses you =)  Phoebe had a table at the show displaying her beautiful work and I got a beautiful t-shirt that read "Autism Lives Matter", and yes Phoebe you got that right ! <3 

Phoebe getting her makeup done =)

Phoebe getting her makeup done =)

Emel Kanberoğlu from Turkey who's son Fehmihan is a very talented and recognized Autistic Chef in Turkey ! I literally try to avoid looking at their food pictures while I'm hungry ! they always look so good !, and Erdal Ates, founder of Autism Sports Life Coaching Program at OTİSİUM also from Turkey who gifted me the most beautiful silk scarf ever, thank you so much !

Orçun Berrakçay, Jun Cham, Erdal Ates, Cinthia, Emel, Vico Cham, Lisa Perini, Beril Zorlou and Yeşim Bayındır Zorlu

Orçun Berrakçay, Jun Cham, Erdal Ates, Cinthia, Emel, Vico Cham, Lisa Perini, Beril Zorlou and Yeşim Bayındır Zorlu

And of course ! like every year, Janet and Jenny were there ! bringing their beautiful smile and upbeat spirit wherever they go, Jenny modeled alongside a wonderful autistic model Ayberk Aksu. Jenny and her mother happen to be a best seller authors in Canada, Jenny recently published her book Dysnomia and she is constantly touring and signing books, how amazing !! 

Leo and Charlie, Curran, Janet and Jenny, Jean and La Lione &lt;3&nbsp;

Leo and Charlie, Curran, Janet and Jenny, Jean and La Lione <3 

Once again, the festival was organized by Leo and Charlie Collura, such hard work that goes back a whole year literally, once one festival ends the next one starts being organized literally next day !, this year was held at the Best Western Granville Chateau, Oak room, we had the whole 2nd floor for us and they did a wonderful job accommodating our every need, I can't thank them enough for creating such wonderful event.

Leo and Cinthia after a very LONG day !

Leo and Cinthia after a very LONG day !

Truth is, there are SO MANY people who put the time into this beautiful event that I can't mention each one of them, but they all know their time and effort are highly recognized, names we read in long email chains but we can't assign a face to it, all of these wonderful humans who's task is bringing and organizing this beautiful event which empowers the autistic community the way it should, I can only say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, until next year ! <3 

All these beautiful pictures were obtained thanks to Qin Yang and Sergey Sergienko <3 Thank you so much everyone